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The documented Family Business Legacy Master Plan by FrankieKnowledge is crucial to assure for sustainable Multi Generational Family Business Success
FrankieKnowledge Advisory and Coaching Team is a group of trusted Advisors and Coaches to assist Family Business Founders to successfully develop Family Business Legacy Master Plan

Welcome to my website. I am Frankie Ow. I am the Chief Advisor and Coach of FrankieKnowledge 

About FrankieKnowledge
Established in 1982 and rebranded in 2020, FrankieKnowledge is A Specialist Centre in Multi Generational Family Business Enterprise Legacy Master Planning. Our single mindedness focus is to assist Business Families globally to build Multi Generational Family Business Enterprise Legacies

Legacy Master Plan
FrankieKnowledge assists the Family Business Enterprise Founder to develop a successful Multi Generational Family Business Enterprise (FBE) Legacy Master Plan 

Hotel Improvement
Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation as the best in class budget, boutique and business hotel advisor and coach. Our affordable solutions are customized to meet the real needs of the hotel business owners

FrankieKnowledge is Coaching Centre of Excellence for Malaysia Madani
FrankieKnowledge is a registered Training & Coaching Solutions Provider with HRDF (PSMB), a Malaysian Statutory Body underMinistry of Human Resource

Hotel Business Clips

10 Key Steps to Attract and Sustain Hotel Room Bookings
How your Hotel Business can start to recover and bounce back?
There is NO FUTURE in the Hotel Business UNLESS…
Keen to SELL your Hotel Business Now?Contact us and we can ASSIST!

Knowledge Management Clips

People Management vs Practice of Knowledge Management (POKM)
Knowledge based Economy & The Practice of Knowledge Management
Overview of the 11th Malaysia Plan in the Knowledge-based Economy
What is BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE in the Knowledge-based Economy?

Partial List of CLients

FrankieKnowledge Advisory Team collaborates with 7 OTA Partners
FrankieKnowledge Capitalizes on various Marketing Tools to leapfrog Family Business Enterprise Performance

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