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Dr Frankie DBA is Trusted Adviso for MALAYSIA MADANIr

Welcome to my website. I am Frankie Ow. I am the Chief Advisor and Coach of FrankieKnowledge

Malaysia MadaniUnveiled by Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim on 19th January 2023, Malaysia Madani is driven by six core values, namely – Sustainability. Care and Compassion, Respect, Innovation, Prosperity and Trust.

At FrankieKnowledge, one of our focus is to facilitate business organizations to translate the Malaysia Madani framework into practical actions. In this context, we have developed a series of advisory solutions and customized workshops for – family business enterprises, small  and medium business organizations, corporates and public listed companies. All our customized in-house workshops and public workshops are HRDF claimable

Established in 1982 and rebranded in 2022, FrankieKnowledge is A Specialist Centre in Family Business Enterprise Management.  In addition, FrankieKnowledge offers Hotel Business Improvement Services

The FrankieKnowledge Family Business Enterprise Advisory framework provides a modular approach to transform your business into a reputable, profitable and sustainable family business legacy that will last for many generations to come. Yes. To be a solid and proud family business that is built to last

The intention of my certification is to provide the selected candidates the rights to capitalize on my consolidated critical knowledge 

Both the practice certificate and advanced practice certificate place major emphasis on the specific needs of business families

Premium Video Channel
This unique FrankieKnowledge Family Business Enterprise Premium Video Channel is designed and developed based on my 40 years of local & international advisory experience

Corporate Projects
Projects I have undertaken over the last 40 years include –
[1]  Strategic Planning
[2] Corporate Learning Centre Mgt
[3] Key Performance Indicator [KPI] 
[4] Performance Achievement 

Since 2000, I have facilitated many local and international projects on critical knowledge assets management and delivered more than 50 intakes of certificate and advanced certificate in knowledge management

Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation as the best in class budget, boutique and business hotel advisor and coach. Our affordable solutions are customized to meet the real needs of the hotel business owners

Over the last 40 years, companies from 23 countries have benefited from my projects –
Republic of Mauritius, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Norway, Taiwan,  India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Bostwana, UAE, Nigeria, USA and Malaysia

FrankieKnowledge is Coaching Centre of Excellence for Malaysia Madani

Hotel Business Clips

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How your Hotel Business can start to recover and bounce back?
There is NO FUTURE in the Hotel Business UNLESS…
Keen to SELL your Hotel Business Now?Contact us and we can ASSIST!
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Knowledge Management Clips

People Management vs Practice of Knowledge Management (POKM)
Knowledge based Economy & The Practice of Knowledge Management

Module 1 of Practice of Knowledge Management (POKM) Forum

What is BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE in the Knowledge-based Economy?
Developing the Capabilities of a Knowledge Management COACH
Youngest Participant of the Knowledge Management Forum Workshop
Overview of the 11th Malaysia Plan in the Knowledge-based Economy
Malaysia K Economy Master Plan and Knowledge Management

Hotel Advisory and Coaching

Family Business Advisory

Corporate Projects

FrankieKnowledge Advisory Team collaborates with 7 OTA Partners
FrankieKnowledge Capitalizes on various Marketing Tools to leapfrog Family Business Enterprise Performance

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