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FRANKIE started his corporate career in early 1983 as the Group Human Resource Officer with UNZA Group of Companies – A Group that specialises in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) and having business interests in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei
Key Result Areas (KRAs)
(A) Recruit and Select Managers, Sales Executives, Sales Promoters and Administrative Support Staff
(B) Design, develop and implement training/development programmes and on the job coaching initiatives 
(C) Formulate and implement Performance Management System and Human Resource Planning

He returned to JASA Accountancy Centre in February 1984 as the Centre Principal. In fact in 1982, he has started to conduct Business Programmes for the Association of Business Executives (UK), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK) and Institute of Marketing (UK) at JASA Accountancy Centre on a Contract basis. He left JASA in January 1986
Key Result Areas (KRAs)
(A) Implement Strategic Business Plan and to ensure overall profitability of the Centre
(B) Develop/Implement Marketing and Sales Strategies to promote the Business Programmes.
(C) Design, develop and facilitate Business Programmes

His 1st Major consulting appointment was to assist Herbaline (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to improve the Company’s Overall Performance (26th April 1989 to 31st March 1999)
Key Result Areas (KRAs)
(A) To increase Sales Performance by 30% upon completion of Operational Plan
(B) To implement Operational Plan by observing 5 Key Strategic Steps

On 15th August 1989, he secured his 2nd Major Consulting Appointment – To assist ERNESCO Sdn Bhd to significantly enhance the Company’s Strategic Capabilities
Key Result Areas (KRAs)
(A) To review and strengthen the Company’s Human Resource and Marketing Function
(B) To formulate the Company’s Corporate Plan and to facilitate the implementation of the Strategic Annual Plan

From 7th November 1995 to 28th February 1996, he was engaged by DENSO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to facilitate a Human Capital Development Assignment
Key Result Areas (KRAs)
(A) To carry out Training Needs Analysis Survey, formulate Training Plan and Training Calendar for 1996
(B) To develop the Company’s Training Administration System

From 1st July 1996 to 30th November 1996, he was engaged to assist MBF Capital Berhad to innovate a series of Strategic Annual Planning Workshops for its subsidiaries
Key Result Areas (KRAs)
(A) To facilitate Strategic Annual Planning Workshops to focus all the Key Companies under MBF Capital Berhad
(B) To carry out Quarterly Reviews to assess effectiveness of Strategic Implementation

He was appointed as the Principal and CEO of MBF Centre of Excellence Sdn Bhd from 1st December 1996 to 28th February 1999. MBF Centre of Excellence (COE) is a Group Corporate Learning Centre that is established by Frankie to provide total, integrated and needs-driven Organised Learning/ Development for all the 15,000+ employees of the MBF Group of Companies. The Group had business interests in Financial Services, Property Development, Education, Manufacturing and others.
Key Result Areas (KRAs)
(A) Set up, provide overall Strategic Direction, Plan and Strategically Manage the COE
(B) Develop Strategic Capabilities of COE with respect to Human Capital, Knowledge Capital & System Capital
(C) Design, develop & customize Corporate Learning Solutions
(D) Recruit, select, coach, train and develop the Faculty of Human Capital Development Specialists and other Staff

In addition to his appointment as Principal/CEO of MBF Centre of Excellence, he was appointed as the Head of Group Human Resource on 1st March 1997.
Key Result Areas(KRAs)
(A) Provide clear Strategic and Operational Direction to Focus Group Human Resource
(B) Offer Strategic Human Capital Management Advices and Solutions to the Top Management of MBF Group
(C) Enhance the Strategic Capabilities of Group Human Resource as an Internal Human Capital Consulting Solutions Provider

He was the Programme Director of the 9-Month Weekend Advanced Strategic Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners from 1st March 1999 to 21st December 2002
Key Result Areas(KRAs)
Design, develop and co-facilitate the Advanced Strategic Management Programme. The 6 Key Modules of the Programme were –
(A) Securing Competitive Advantage through Strategic Management
(B) Business Re-engineering for increased Profitability
(C) Transforming the Organisation with Strategic Leadership
(D) Strategic Thinking in a changing Business Environment
(E) Improving Performance through Competitive Marketing Strategies
(F) Preparing Business Project and Research Methodology for Entrepreneurs

He was also the Key Business Project Supervisor for 27 Entrepreneurs and Business Owners that participated in the programme. In his capacity as the Key Business Project Supervisor, he successfully coached 27 MDs/CEOs of SMEs and Mid-Sized to Large Organisations to –
(A) Formulate the Vision, Mission and Philosophy of their respective companies
(B) Carry out Int. Environmental Audit and Ext. Environmental Analysis
(C) Develop Competitive Strategies to secure Competitive Advantage
(D) Formulate a 3-year Corporate Plan and implement a 1-year Strategic Annual Plan

From 1st October 1999 to 31st October 2000, FRANKIE was engaged as Group Corporate Planning Consultant to Taylor’s Education Group
Key Result Areas (KRAs)-
(A) Assist Taylor’s Education Group to prepare a 3-year Corporate Plan (2000 – 2002)
(B) Facilitate implementation of Strategic Annual Plans for all 5 Education Institutions
(C) Carry out Quarterly Reviews of the Strategic Annual Plans and evaluate the effectiveness of Strategic Implementation
(D) Propose Key Strategies and Solutions to progressively enhance the impact of the Strategic Annual Plans 

On 15th October 1999, he was engaged as the Strategic Management Consultant for Tanco Resorts Berhad. In 1998, Tanco Resorts Berhad was the Number 1 Vacation Ownership Operator in Asia Pacific with more than 10,000 active members.
Key Result Areas (15.10.1999 to 31.12.1999)
(A) Design, develop and facilitate Strategic Management Programme for all HODs
(B) Coach Senior Management Team to formulate Strategic Annual Plan for year 2000
Key Result Areas (1.1.2000 to 31.8.2000)
Develop the Strategic Learning Capabilities and Highly Critical Skills of a Team of Selected Key Talents and to design, develop, customize and facilitate 5 Major Corporate Learning Initiatives –
(A) Certificate in Training Management (20.3.2000 to 24.3.2000)
(B) Practical Training Management (20.4.2000 to 22.4.2000)
(C)  Competency-based Learning progs. for all depts. (10.5.2000 to 27.5.2000)
(D) Learning Administration System and Perf. Mgt. (19.6.2000 to 22.6.2000)
(E) System on Certification of Competency and Facilitators (18.7.2000 to 21.7.2000)
(F) Practice of Knowledge Mgt. at Tanco Resorts Berhad (28.8.2000 to 30.8.2000)
Key Result Areas (1.9.2000 to 28.2.2001)
(A) Coach Key Management Team to formulate Strategic Annual Plan for 2001 and to facilitate the Strategic Monthly Reviews
(B) Assist to crystallize the Strategic Focus and Direction of the Corporate Learning Centre 
(C) Establish structure, systems & processes of Corporate Learning Centre (CLC)
(D) Recruit, coach and develop professional staff to strategically manage the CLC

Subsequently on 1st November 2000, FRANKIE was appointed as the 1st Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Taylor’s Business School. After establishing the Business School, he left on 30th June 2001 to concentrate on offering advisory/consulting service, facilitate customised In-House Programmes/Coaching Sessions and delivering Public Programmes/Presentations.
Key Result Areas (KRAs)
(A) Develop a Strategic Plan to Position, Market and Manage the Business School
(B) Develop strategic alliances and knowledge partnerships with Foreign Partner Universities
(C) Provide Strong Leadership, recruit Academic and Non-Academic Staff and drive the Business School
(D) Transform the Business School into a Knowledge-based and Innovation-driven Institution 

He was appointed as the Chief Knowledge Architect of Tanco Knowledge Research Centre from 1st July 2001 to 31st January 2002
Key Result Areas(KRAs)
(A) Establish and develop the Strategic Capabilities of Tanco Knowledge Research Centre 
(B) To facilitate the transformation of Tanco Holidays into an emerging Knowledge-based Organisation 
(C) To transform the team to be Innovative Knowledge Professionals

From 15th June 2002 to 31st December 2002, he was engaged as the Knowledge Management Consultant to facilitate Protasco Group to be an Admired Knowledge Enterprise to secure Competitive Advantage and achieve Sustainable Business Performance in the K-based Economy
Key Result Areas(KRAs)
(A) Coach the KM team/Certified KM Facilitators to systematically prepare for the implementation of KM Practices 
(B) Map out direction and identify specific groups to spearhead POKM journey
(C) Facilitate development of K-Policy, K-Tools and Measurement Indicators
(D) Formulate Key initiatives to develop a Strong Knowledge Enabling Culture

For the period 1st June 2003 – 31st March 2004, he was engaged as the Knowledge Management Consultant to assist HCM Engineering Sdn Bhd and Roadcare Sdn Bhd to implement and sustain the Practice of Knowledge Management (POKM)
Key Result Areas
(A) Coach the KM team/Certified KM Facilitators to systematically prepare for the implementation of KM Practices
(B) Map out direction and identify specific groups to spearhead POKM journey
(C) Facilitate the development of K-Policy, K-Tools and Key Measurement Indicators

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Frankie when he was “Really Young”

Frankie – A few years later

Frankie with his Father (Ow Jan Tee) and Mother (Low Pui Chun)

Frankie with his 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters. Frankie is the eldest


Photographs of Frankie delivering Presentations during Conferences, Forums, Graduations and related events

Obtained Professional Diploma in Administrative Management (1981)
Institute of Administrative Management, United Kingdom

Completed Computer Programming and Information Processing Course (1982)
School of Arts and Science, Tunku Abdul Rahman College 

Obtained Professional Diploma in Business Administration (1982)
Institute of Business Administration, Melbourne, Australia 

Obtained Professional Post Graduate Diploma of Business Administration (1983)
Institute of Business Administration, Melbourne, Australia 

Participated in 12th Asian Regional Training/Development Conference (1985)
Asian Regional Training and Development Organisation 

Obtained Certificate in Training Management with Credit (1985)
National Productivity Board, Singapore 

Completed Effective Instructor Programme (1985)
National Productivity Board, Singapore 

Participated in Malaysian Laws Programme (1985)
Putra World Trade Centre 

Obtained Certificate in Personnel Management (1985)
Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management 

Completed Labour Laws and Regulations Programme (1986)
Graduate School of Business – Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines 

Completed Management Development Programme for Senior Management (1986)
Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
– An Affiliate of Ateneo De Manila University and De La Salle University 

Participated in 5th World Productivity Congress, Jakarta (1986)
World Confederation of Productivity Science in association with Ministry of Manpower, Indonesia and Indonesian Human Resources Foundation 

Completed Training Methods for Employee Development Programme (1986)
Personnel Management Association of the Philippines and Institute of Personnel Management, Philippines 

Participated in Team-based Time Management Programme (1986)
Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) 

Completed Graduate-level Business Administration Programme (1987)
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom 

Completed Effective Consulting and Training Certification Programme (1988)
Slowikowski and Associates Inc., USA 

Completed Management Consulting Skills Programme (1995)
Institute of Management Consultants, Singapore 

Obtained Professional Advanced Diploma in Administrative Management (1996)
Institute of Administrative Management, United Kingdom 

Participated in Franchise Malaysia ’96 Conference (1996)
Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Malaysian Franchise Association 

Obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (1997)
University of Luton, United Kingdom 

Participated in Rating of Financial Institutions Programme (1998)
Institute of Internal Audits 

Obtained Doctor of Business Administration Degree (1999)
School of Admin and Management – St George University International, BWI, UK
Professional Demonstration/Dissertation – A Systematic approach to establish a Human Resource Department (Corporate Learning Centre) 

Participated in Malaysia’s Knowledge Economy Conference (2000)
MCA Economic Bureau 

Participated in Knowledge Economy Conference (2000)
Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) and National Information Technology Council (NITC)

Participated in Knowledge and the 21st Century Economy Conference (2000)
National SMI Consultative Centre

Participated in Knowledge Management International Conference (2001)
Universiti Utara Malaysia and Multimedia Development Corporation

Participated in Information Society Conference (2001)
National IT Council, MIMOS and Penang State Government

Participated in 2nd National Mesdaq Conference (2006)
Asia Focus Ventures



A Leading Authority in
Family Business Management and
Managing Critical Knowledge Assets


Empowering Family Business Founders and Business Successors
with Highly Focused Capabilities and Systems
to strategically manage Critical Knowledge Assets to build
A Sustainable Family Business Legacy


Courage to pursue dreams
Unlearn, Relearn, Continue to Learn, Apply, Share and Innovate


Believe in the Power of Consolidated Critical Knowledge


Energizing Founders and Successors,
Powering Family Businesses


To move forward,

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