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FrankieKnowledge is to assist you to Build a Sustainable Family Business Legacy

The 1st and the Only  Premium Video Channel created in Malaysia  that is 100% customized for  FOUNDERS, SUCCESSORS and KEY MEMBERS globally

The FrankieKnowledge  Family Business Premium Video Channel is created for  FAMILY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE OF ALL SIZES

The FrankieKnowledge  Family Business Premium Video Channel  is researched, designed and created based on  40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE working with Organizations from  23 COUNTRIES

FrankieKnowledge totally understands the REAL and UNIQUE NEEDS of  FOUNDERS, SUCCESSORS and KEY MEMBERS, Family Business Enterprises  globally

The highly organized, comprehensive and differentiated Resources and Contents on Family Business Enterprise offered by FrankieKnowledge   ARE NOT FOUND in other Public Video Channels

To be factual, The FrankieKnowledge  Family Business Video Channel is an EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION of Content-Focused Video Recordings that offer -

The content in the FrankieKnowledge Premium Video is presented in a systematic and concise manner to highlight the key points for immediate application in the Family Business Enterprise

FrankieKnowledge Premium Video will benefit  (1) The Founders, Successors and Key Members of Family Business Enterprise (2) Entrepreneurs planning to establish a Family Business Organization and  (3) Family Business Consultants and Professional Service Providers, Academicians and Researchers

ARE YOU SERIOUSLY INTERESTED to know more about HOW TO  significantly improve the following  35 CRITICAL ASPECTS of your Family Business Enterprise?


How to build a Sustainable Family Business Legacy that will last for many generations to come

How to develop a Credible Family Business Reputation, Image and Brand

How to formulate clear and meaningful Vision and Mission to focus the Family Business

How to formulate Key Objectives and Goals to drive the Family Business

How to generate, evaluate and select effective strategies to achieve the desired objectives and goals

How to prepare a structured 3-Year Business Plan and a Strategic Annual Plan to guide the Family Business

How to develop Critical and Solid Family Business Culture and Values to sustain the Business

How to establish the Competitive Advantage and Distinctive Competency of the Business and to ensure that the Family Business is built to last

How to prepare the Business Successor to step-by-step take over and manage the Family Business effectively and efficiently

How to nurture the Business Successor to be a Visionary and Competent Business Leader to innovate and sustain the Family Business

How to effectively empower the Family Business Successor and periodically review his/her progress achievements

How to clearly define the Key Roles of the Founder and Successor when implementing the Family Business Succession Planning Process

How to reconcile the key difference in Expectations of the Business Founder and Business Successor

How to manage the major difference in Working Styles of the Business Founder and the 2nd Generation Business Successor

How to resolve Conflicts in business opinions and decision making process between the Business Founder and Business Successor

How to adopt a systematic approach to manage Resistance to Change in the Family Business

How to get things done effectively and efficiently through Professional Management Practices instead of relying on personal family relationship

How to successfully Work with Family Members and stay focus to build a Sustainable Business

How to adopt the most appropriate Leadership Styles to drive the Family Business to greater heights

How to practise open 2-Way Communication and to share information effectively in the Family Business

How to develop Breakthrough Performance Mindset and Habits to leapfrog the Family Business

How to capitalize on the Personal Achievements and Success Stories of the Family Business Founder

How to systematically document and share Past and Present Best Practices in the Family Business

How to avoid Repeated Mistakes and convert them into documented Lessons Learned

How to strategically organize, manage and grow the Critical Knowledge Assets of the Family Business

How to establish a systematic Family Business Organization Structure and Lines of Reporting

How to develop well-defined Job Descriptions and Key Result Areas [KRAs] to organize the work in the Family Business

How to implement a Customized Key Performance Indicator [KPI] System to sustain the performance of the Family Business

How to manage the Family Business more effectively by implementing clearly documented Policies, Systems and Standard Operating Procedures [SOPs]

How to implement a highly structured Performance Management System

How to seriously Motivate individual talents to contribute and grow with the Family Business

How to implement Strategic Human Capital Practices to Retain key talents in the Family Business

How to develop a Strong and United Management Team to support the Family Business

How to establish a Structured Human Capital Management Function to sustain staff contribution in the Family Business

How to establish a Needs-driven Staff Learning Centre to nurture suitable talents to sustain the Family

GREAT NEWS! The FrankieKnowledge Family Business Enterprise Premium Video Channel will be officially launched in January 2024.  Do Revisit us Again


1st Highly Valuable Benefit    As a Premium Member you will receive Breakthrough Ideas, Key Strategies, Proven Solutions, Top Value Advices, Lessons Learned and Best Practices from an Exclusive Collection of 50 Content-Focused Videos   These Videos cover  35 Critical Aspects of Family Business and Succession Planning 2


ou can also capitalize on the contents as Valuable Reference Materials to build your own Family Business Critical Knowledge Assets that will benefit the many generations to come

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