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Total Hotel Business Management and Business Recovery
Focused Marketing System to increase room bookings
Strategic OTA Marketing
Book Direct Marketing[Our Latest Solution]
Improve Front Office Practices
Improve Housekeeping Services 
Guest Review System to secure repeated bookings
Facilitate Hotel Business Sales and Purchase


10 Key Steps to attract Room Bookings by adopting a Focused Marketing System
A systematic approach to formulate a Strategic Hotel Business plan 
Developing the 8 Critical Skills of the Head of Departments (HODs)
How to implement a Customized Key Performance Indicator (KPI) System
Developing the 7 Critical Skills of a Front Office Professional
A step-by-step approach to manage Difficult and Angry Guests in the Hotel
Developing Key Leadership and Managerial Skills of the Hotel Manager 
Developing Strong Positive Hotel Culture


Over the last 38 years, I have worked in a very wide range of Strategic and Operational roles. 
 Hotel Business and Management Consultant and Coach, 
Hotel Business Recovery and Business Improvement Advisor, 
 Hotel Business Planning Consultant,
 OTA (Online Travel Agent) Management Consultant
 Hotel Marketing, Revenue and Sales Strategist
Hospitality and Hotel Management Trainer
Hotel Front Office Management Consultant
 Hotel Operations Consultant and General Manager
Frankie @ Tropical Hotel Kota Damansara (1)
Frankie organizing The Grand Opening of ARENA Boutique Hotel Kuala Terengganu
Frankie presenting The Certificate to Top Management of Westree Hotel on 24th February 2020
Frankie at The Sharing Session on 20th February 2020 (1)
Frankie launching The 3-Year Strategic Plan for Swiss Hotel Group KL & Melaka on 8th January 2020
Frankie at The Traveloka Experience Event on 3rd September 2019
Frankie with The Owner and Front Office Staff of Rock & Roll Hotel Klang on 13th July 2019
Frankie at The Malaysia Budget Hotel Association [Mybha] AGM 2019 on 25th June 2019
Frankie at A Special Event organized by Mybha and SME Association on 2nd May 2019

Hotel Business Clips

10 Key Steps to Attract and Sustain Hotel Room Bookings
How your Hotel Business can start to recover and bounce back?
There is NO FUTURE in the Hotel Business UNLESS…
Keen to SELL your Hotel Business Now?Contact us and we can ASSIST!
Implement Systematic and Service-driven HOTEL FRONT OFFICE Practices
Revealing the Secrets of 10 Key Steps to INCREASE & SUSTAIN Room Bookings

How to successfully implement COVID-19 Mgt POLICY

How to SET UP, RUN and SUSTAIN a PROFITABLE Hotel Business?

How to MAXIMIZE your Hotel OTA Sales Performance?

How to Implement an Effective GUEST REVIEW SYSTEM ?

How to Capitalize on Facebook Business Tool to Increase Sales?

Facing Issues in Front Office Staffing? We have the solution.


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