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Frankie’s 10 Most Frequently used Practice of Knowledge Management (POKM) Quotes




POKM Books

Frankie’s Top 100 Favourite Knowledge Management Reference Books. These books are part of Frankie’s Personal Collection of Knowledge Management Reference Materials – Frankie’s Personal Knowledge Capital Centre.


Physical Architectures

Physical Architectures conceptualised and designed by FRANKIE and his team. Some companies put in place Knowledge-based and Innovation-driven Physical Architectures to “tangibilise” their efforts to build a Strong Knowledge-enabling Culture to Sustain and Innovate the Practice of Knowledge Management Journey 


For full review, please click One-Page POKM Article No.1



(1) Key to achieve Peak Performance – Transforming the Organisation into a Knowledge-driven  Enterprise by FRANKIE OW (published in The New Straits Times)



(2) Focus on Strengths of Knowledge Professionals (Talents in the Knowledge-based and Innovation-driven Economy) by FRANKIE OW (published in The New Straits Times)

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